Where to get an autotune to make celebs sing?

I recently asked about x42 autotune.

I was kindly directed here:

But, then I saw this:

It works by resampling and looping the signal and does not include formant correction, so it should be used to correct small errors only and not to really transpose a song

Okay, full confession. I have been trying to teach myself how to make celebrities and youtubers “sing” songs. It seems pretty common these days so you guys are probably familiar with it. I don’t expect to be anywhere near as good at it as some of these artists. But, I wanted to make my own ideas, for laughs and maybe others will like them.

Anyway, this x42 autotune doesn’t seem to be the right tool for this. Can anyone recommend something else?


Are you trying to say it can’t be done with linux? That would be huge bummer, like a thousands of dollars bummer. Please, say it ain’t so!

No I 'm not saying that.

You asked for recommendations. non-comercial and Linux support were nowhere on the requirements, so melodyne seemed the best option given your description.

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But, it doesn’t seem to have a linux version. Am I missing something?

If I had the money for a Windows system and all the Win software for recording , I wouldn’t be using Ardour. No offense intended. :slightly_smiling_face:

This from the person who already had to be told that I’m not some big studio guy. Just a dude at home. Is everyone else here studio employees or something? Trippy

I kid. Don’t get bent. Thanks for the input.

Okay, so I hope that doesn’t mess up this thread. I thought I had a good question. I wasn’t specific enough, sorry. Mayb this can get it back on track if anyone comes here.

First, are there any plugins for Ardour that can autotune more strongly?

If not, is there anything in linux that can do it? (I understand that question is outside the scope of this forum. But, I’d appreciate it if anyone can just point me in the right direction.)


It feels like a stab to the heart :wink:

Thousands of dollars? No. If you don’t have a Windows license lying around, you can buy one for next to nothing these days. You could use something like https://www.magix.com/us/music/samplitude/samplitude-music-studio/ that includes a very capable autotuner a la melodyne: image

For making celebs do things they don’t want, I highly doubt we need top-of-the-line formant treatment :wink:

Assuming your machine is fine to run Win10, you’d be looking at c. $150 not thousands…

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I used to live in Windows world and it doesn’t end with buying windows. Oh no… that’s just first one. Then, any time you turn around or need the smallest bit of software… more money please.

It just goes on and on and on forever and then when you need pretty much ALL the the high level software to do the things you do, it adds up to a boatload of money.

Don’t get me wrong. If I ever make any money off of any of this, the first thing I’d probably do is switch to Mac. Windows was so bad for so long I don’t know if I’ll ever forgive MS.

Yay, a rant! Felt good. Thanks. :smiley:

If there isn’t any way to do this in linux, it’s okay.

I’ve pretty much got the functionality I need now, which isn’t much. The current idea only requires autotuning a single 20 second clip to a single note, which I seem to have accomplished, for the most part, by processing the audio into lossless format beforehand, using ffmpeg, then loading it into Ardour and using the x42 vocal autotune.

But, that bit in the x42 manual made me wonder if there was a better option. … for Ardour … and linux. :thinking:Me: Looking around going, “Where am I? I thought I was at the Ardour forum.”

Couldn’t this be done using a combo of X42 Auto-Tune and the Audio to MIDI script?

Don’t forget that REAPER is now Linux native and includes Reatune that does excellent manual correction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Unf151LoED4

This is probably the best solution, but it’s a shame to resort to proprietary software.

Seconding @DHealey - to do this I use Unfa’s method for creating Infected Mushroom type vocals. The TL;DW version:

Setup: Create a MIDI track using the general midi synth (minimal CPU usage) and an audio track. Import the vocal audio file into the vocal track. Add x42 as the first plugin on the vocal track^ and then where it says “Auto” click it a couple times to where it says “MIDI”. Go into the pinout for autotune, add a sidechain to the MIDI carrier track. Make sure that this send is the first thing behind the instrument on the carrier track^. Next, add a gate onto the audio track right behind the autotune, sidechained to the MIDI track as well so that when there is no note playing on the MIDI track, it gates the audio track. Now, add a rubberband pitch bend plugin after the gate (you can use other pitch benders, I just find this one creates the nicest sound and is the most configurable).

Next, play your notes you want the melody to follow on the MIDI track you created. Note: All autotune plugins only have 1 octave, so keep your melodies within a 1 octave range. After you have your midi, open up the automation within the editor and move the pitch up or down octaves - I recommend using the draw tool and doing it manually instead of playing/writing/touching the automation, since those things create steps where with the draw tool, you can create nice diagonal lines/other fun shapes which create a much weirder sound.

Kick back, and enjoy.**

Note: This was such a time consuming process I turned these two tracks into templates and now I just add these templates and just have to add my midi and do the automation. I highly recommend this additional step.

^ I played around with signal chain order with these things and things didn’t play. This has since become my tried and true method for creating this effect.
** Enjoying this without intoxication may result in your brain exploding from awesomeness. You have been warned.

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What does do exactly

You can try Graillon from Auburn Sound: https://www.auburnsounds.com/products/Graillon.html


+1 for Graillon! I use it when x42 FAT-1 doesn’t do what I need. All the Auburn Sounds stuff is top notch!

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