where is "auto rebind controls"?

Trying to automate an Ardour project, I read about control surfaces. My new Behringer UMX490 wasn’t supported to I went about creating a *.map file for it. I made some progress with this but wasn’t able to control all the parameters I wished to. I was following the instructions but couldn’t get it to work.

At this point I discovered the Ctl-middle click technique (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kS2xEp0mDt8), which enabled me to control everything I needed with out manually editing a *.map file. Unfortunately I can find no way of saving the mappings. Older versions of Ardour apparently had an “auto rebind controls” function under options->control surfaces. I’m unable to find this in Ardour 3.5.403. Is it hiding somewhere or is there an alternative? Sorry if I’ve missed something.


They should just be saved automatically. There is no additional step to ask for them to be saved.