Where help with install?

Hello everyone,

is it possible to get any help with installing Linux and Ardour?
Is there someone in north-Germany or
Netherlands that could do it for me?
I don´t know anything abt computers,
so I would never get it running decently.
It does not have to be done for free,
we´ll find a solution.

Kind regards,


You can join the IRC channel for help. People would be willing to help you with any troubles you run into - and really, it’s not so difficult to get linux up and running. There are plenty of tutorials out there and lots of information about linux and ardour.

First off… though I haven’t used it, I have heard that the linux distributino UBUNTU is quite popular with first time users, with an easy to install interface and good userbase support via forums / mailing lists etc. Click the link and have a look at it.

Then, once that’s done, you should be able to install the Jack-Audio-Connection-Kit and any necessary libs through the package manager that ubuntu provides.

I’m sure they would probably even have ardour in the package manager. Either way, once everything is installed (the easy bit), you can ask questions, here on via IRC or view the documentation on the websites… to get everything configured and started. =)

Thanks for the reply.

I hope I´ll get so far :slight_smile:

I just found out, that the machine
I thought to use for it, is only 90 MHz :frowning: a bit too sloooowww…
So, have to get me another system

As soon as everything is here, I´ll
be back. (sure! :-))