Where do Plugins Go?

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Ubuntu studio 18.04

Just downloaded the Loomer Aspect synth , is there a directory I need to copy or unpack it to ?

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Typical directories are
Or /usr/lib/vst

Many thanks for your fast reply , I am not seeing a vst folder at /usr/lib do I need to add one ?

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Doh… Edit Preferences Edit path Sorted

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it’s not actually well defined in the current Ardour manual for LV2 however …

In Linux lv2 plugins go to ~/.lv2 , and there is not user-define setting for it in preferences.

The user needs to restart ardour for LV2 – here I noticed that if you add an LV2 plugin into ~/.lv2 and do a ‘plugin scan’, the plugin will eventually have a load-gui error. Restarting ardour, the LV2 will load its gui correctly. For VST it’s different, you can add the VST while Ardour is still loaded, scan an update check for it and it will load correctly without issue.