Where do LAPSPA Plugins Live in Linux?

Just getting my feet wet with Ardour using Ubuntu based Linux Mint 4.0, I downloaded Michael Gruhns Linux Plugins, they are in a compressed folder. Where do I extract them to so Ardour can see them? Also can I delete LADSPA Plug-ins from their directories so they don’t appear on the list, I’m new to LADSPA and find the sheer number of plug-ins a little overwhelming. Do they all get installed in the same place or does each package get installed separately? I have searched on my computer and scanned every common Linux folder I can think of but can’t seem to locate them. Help, hints and time all very much appreciated. Thanks

I don’t know what’s more stupid, using ‘LAPSPA’ in the title of my previous post or missing the ladspa folder in the /usr/lib directory. I hang my head in shame.