Where do I get the ARM version?

I just got an M1 Mac. I’ve been a subscriber for almost 7 years, and would love to keep using Ardour. The nightly builds link only has the same version available on the general site, which requires Rosetta to use. Some discussions on the forum make it seem like there is an actual ARM version; where do I get it? I realize it’s in development/buggy- that’s fine with me. I’m not using it professionally and am willing to work with/ report on bugs.

On nightly.ardour.org scroll down to see “List all available versions”. Click. On that page, scroll down to find the macOS ARM64 builds.

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Thanks Paul! But… when I try to open it, I just get “Ardour 6 is damaged and cannot be opened.” I ran the terminal script. Any tips?

There should be no terminal script for macOS versions - just a DMG file. It sounds as if you may have downloaded the Linux ARM64 (Raspberry Pi) version?

This is normal on recent macOS since the application is not digitally signed, Apple puts in quarantine and assumes the file to be corrupt. see https://nightly.ardour.org/ :

On BigSur, after download the application has to be released from quarantine. In a Terminal window run
xattr -rd com.apple.quarantine ~/Downloads/Ardour-*.dmg

PS. see https://disable-gatekeeper.github.io/ for alternative solutions

I downloaded the osx version, but I just deleted it and re-installed it from the download and it appears to be working now. Ha.

I did run the terminal script, but I also just deleted and reinstalled it and now it appears to be working.

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