Where do I find an installed plug-in?

I just installed two different plug-ins onto my Mac.
Where do I find those? I want to put them into the plugin file of the Ardour 5.

I also checked the Audio Unit and they aren’t there.

They are/must be the right ones - “for Mac AU”

Someone help me please…
I’m totally new to all of this - so please bear with me. :wink:

Many thanks

Really can’t answer that one.

Going off memory (Which isn’t completely reliable) Generally AU plugins are installed into /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components IIRC. If your plugin isn’t there it really just depends on where either you (If you dragged and dropped a component file) or the manufacturer (In the case of .pkg files) installed it, the DAW only knows where it looks for them, which Ardour searches the above folder by default.

If you are just not seeing the plugin in Ardour, make sure you have told Ardour to scan for new plugins on launch, it is an option located in the preferences window.


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Thank you so much, Seablade! Well, thanks to your guide, at least I now know some other things now))
Btw, those plugins are in pkg. files …
I’m gonna try with VL2 plugins. those are probably going to work fine.
uh it’s all overwhelming for a beginner like me.

Yea plugins and audio editors in general are rough for people entering into it.

What plugins are these you are having problems finding? Is it that you are having problems finding them in Ardour, or your are looking for the component files and can’t find them?


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