Where do I enter header data


I installed with great interest Ardour from the Package Manager in Linux. I am looking for an alternative to Adobe Audition, to import audio files into Maestro and SS32 radio automation systems. Cannot seem to figure out WHERE or HOW to enter header data, so I can export into the 2 products. Anyone know?

Thanks, PK

Your question is quite unclear. Are you trying to create BWF (Broadcast WAVE) files?

Well, essentially I suppose yes. If you have ever used Adobe Audition with a radio automation system, a 2 track file can be saved as a Windows PCM WAVE file, and there is a screen that allows for creation of a “header” or metadata file.

In the case of adobe, you would right click on the waveform, and select the WAVE PROPERTIES, and enter data on the CART tab…such as title, artist, album, flight dates, EOM tones, etc. When the file is saved, there is a checkbox to “Save all Non- Audio Data”…ie the header with all the information entered. The “header” is appended to the beginning of the audio file.

This file (header / audio combined) is dropped into an import folder on the radio automation system, and the file is converted by that system into the appropriate format for the automation system…in the example I cite, the Maestro product. That extra non-audio data is used to populate the fields in the Maestro automation system.

I have used Audacity to successfully import the AUDIO to a Maestro machine, but no header data. My question is, can Ardour do this, and if so, where is the screen where I can enter metadata.

Hopefully this clears it up. I incorrectly assumed someone who read the original post was in the radio industry, and understood the meaning of “header data” in regards to radio automation products.

I am not familiar with any standards for that metadata. If you can point me to some docs on it, I’d be happy to take a look and see what we can do. Ardour certainly does not do this (read or write) at present.

Ardour has evolved in the music studio side of things, not radio, so this specific type of metadata is not something we deal with. You might also check out Rivendell, which may or may not be relevant to your goals.


If you have a throwaway email address you can post…like a hotmail…I can send you a snippet from the manual. I don’t think Google would be real happy with me if I posted it here!

This section explains more of what I am talking about. It is based on Adobe Audition, and if Ardour cannot do it, thats cool. Audacity can export the proper audio, but has no provisions for writing the proper header on the file.

Thanks for your offer to look, and your suggestion of Rivendell