Where can I get Ardour Keybindings

Have a message that says “Default key bindings not found. Ardour will be hard to use”.

So where can I get these and add them?


How did you build/install Ardour? This message should never, ever show up …

I just download the Ardour X-11 Binary from the download page. Just drag the app, to my Applications folder.

Started Jack,

Started Ardour.

I get that message. :frowning:

Please paste the contents of the folder:


(subsituting with a sensible real path for “…/where/you/put”) and also indicate the actual location of “…/where/you/put”.



I guess the “ardour.bindings” are the key bindings, but the program can’t find them?

ardour is install in my applications folder.

I’m sorry Paul, I don’t understand what you say here. I am having the same issue as crytek. could you explain to me how to fix this?


p.s. I also installed Ardour by simply dragging it into the applications folder.

I had the same problem when I installed version 2.5-x11 the first time. After installing and creating a project in an earlier version the keybindings where found by the v2.5.
I had installed the 2.4.1 native osx version, which confused ‘command’ and ‘control’ a bit in the keybindings. Maybe it works also with an earlyer “x11 version”.

i think this may have something to do with it/ You need to make sure you are running things with an aggregated audio device. Go to the MIDI set up in the untilities folder and click on the audio tab. and install aggregated device/
go to

for a more accurately described run through