Where can i download the native version

but i didn’t find something. is the native version not public or am i just too dumb?

as has been noted in quite a few places, we have not made a public release. You can join our OS X-specific IRC channel to get information on the current “releases”. We are doing things this way because there are still a number of important issues with the native release, and we do not want people downloading a zip file, running into an issue and then just vanishing. We want to fix those problems, and to do that, we need you to talk to us. Once you know where the channel is and have a vague idea of how it works, we think that its more likely you’ll come back to us if you have issues rather than just filing a report on some other forum saying “Ardour sux!”.

ok… thanks for your response. i join the channel and get the informations there…

is there a planned release date?