When You Smile (I Can See Your Light)

Hi Ardour folks!

I have a tune here in progress I was hoping to post soon and it’s been waiting for a friend of a friend to put some saxophone down on it but the sax guy has just had dental surgery and I’m a little wary if the Delta Covid variant is going to rain on our studio parade and prevent us from getting together so since I’m feeling inspired and recharged from recently catching up with the great recent tunes that have been posted here I’m just going to post it as-is for now…

This is a change of pace for me and it will be on a future so-called solo project (as opposed to a band Rated Blue album)… Do we still say ‘album’…? :thinking: I can’t say if I like it yet or not, the chorus tag line (inspired by my GF) and the chord progression fell in my lap pretty quickly which is usually a hopeful sign but stylistically and thematically this tune is a bit like an alien baby to me and we’re still getting to know each other…lol. The recording was quite different as most of the beds were recorded in my living room on our little Tama Bop Kit and I tuned a baritone Telecaster up to C and restrung my Fender Precision Bass with a string set from a 5-string bass and tuned it to C as well… Lastly a new dealio for me was playing slide guitar on this. Drums are by my son Connor, Piano and Hammond organ by Dave Williams and I did the rest… Looking forward to getting a Coltrane/Maceo Merriweather style sax freakout in the the bridge at some point when I can hopefully arrange a session with the sax player.

Anyway, here it is:



Finally caught up with the sax player (Ken Foster) and was very fortunate to work with him on 2 songs which will be out soon, one of them is his sax solo for this song which admittedly as a lifelong jazz player wasn’t ‘his thing’ but he generously stepped outside the envelope and played exactly the kind of thing I wanted for the bridge section, very grateful!

The mix: http://bandshed.net/music/WILLIE_MACK/WhenYouSmile(ICanSeeYourLight)-MIX-f.mp3

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Very Nice . Sax solo takes the song to a totally new place , Like it a lot .

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