When is ardour 2 going to be offically released

Hi. I’ve just started using ardour and its great. I can’t wait to see what ardour 2 is going to be like. Is there an expected date for an offical release? I’m not much of a programmer, but is there anything else I can do to help?

Ardour2 will be released when we’re happy with it. Hopefully, there will be a second beta in a couple weeks or so.

Every time somebody asks that question, God kills a developer.

Are there any Ardour2 screenshots around?

This is from the latest CVS.

Are you trolling? Stop with the “kicking developers so they work harder.”

What was that ?

And why not burrying them alive if them don’t release in a timely fashion ?
Or maybe torture them until they get ardour 4 ready for a release ?

Or maybe we should just congratulate them for their good work and efforts, that would be much more respectful…