When custom VST plugin is on only one track is audible

Hello, I’m writing an open source VST plugin in Rust.
When I have two audio files on two tracks and my VST plugin is added to just one track, I can only here track with my plugin & it does have the effect too.

I’ve tried the same on Ableton Live and it works fine when I have two tracks.

Have anyone experience similar issues? Or am I doing something wrong in my plugin?

My Ardour version is 6.0.0 (and same on 6.2.0 as well) and testing on MacOS 10.15.6.

I kind of found the issue, apparently on Ardour even when there track is empty it seems to sending a 0 value input, so the plugin is always engaged.

Well that sounds normal, Ardour ALWAYS processes plugins by default, doesn’t matter if a track is empty (Which I assume you mean there are no regions on the track to play back) or not. In fact it will continue to process plugins even with transport stopped by default (Though that can be changed) as it can be used on live inputs for instance.

However I am confused now with your first post, so does this mean you have the plugin on both tracks? It thought in your first post it was only on one track?


I only had the plugin on a single track.
Somehow it affects the other tracks output.
May be it’s the way I wrote it.
Here’s the code if you like to have a peak: https://github.com/fake-industries/fuzzball/blob/master/src/processor.rs#L31
After adding input_sample > 0.0 test, now it works as it should in Ardour. :slight_smile:

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