Whats your favourite filter?

Hi everyone
I’ve just joined the community
So Hi!
Tell me what your favourite filter is and why. I’d love to know

I love my spam filter on my inbox, saves me lots of time… :wink:
I use the invada highpass filter quite often because I just need something basic to keep the low end clean in a mix.
For synth filters I like the mvclpf-4 ladspa plugin. Its a pretty analog sounding moog filter emulation I think.
In general low pass filters are just great fun to open and close. Most real world things are lpfs.

Now, which kind of filter did you mean?

coffee filter

I do love coffee but not filter-coffee.

On the subject of digital audio signal filters:
Not one, but eight filters making up an EQ: https://github.com/x42/fil4.lv2#readme

I like it because if you know what you need, it can be set quickly and it needs very little CPU.

It can be automated or used live (no clicks or zipper noise when changing parameters). It models “analog behavior” (decramped, no 180deg phase-shift at nyquist, zero-latency, etc). It has controls with tick marks are at ‘sensible’ values and appropriate control knob granularity.
It’s also cross-platform so sessions using that plugin can be freely moved.
Disclaimer: I’m involved with the development of this plugin.

Filter coffee is better than no coffee. Also, compressors are delicious, though overused.

x42 why have i not known about this before!

always looking for decent EQ plugins.

This is probably in the kx studio repos aswell

gui looks good too which is a bonus. dont get on well with plugins that dont use a gui, there never laid out well.

@veda sticks: yes, it is already available in KXStudio (and also in Debian, openSuSE & Arch) as part of the x42-plugins package.

Low Pass Filter on voice records give clear sound. :slight_smile:


While they most likely did, I have used a low pass on, particularly dialog, recordings to help clean up some background noise effectively before. You just have to be careful not to cut to much and find that right balance between removing background and destroying the voice. So both are usable depending on the context.


@LeatusPenguin: Of course! Sorry! ^^’