What's ur take on session media format and why? wave vs wave64 vs caf

What’s ur take on session media format and why?
wave vs wave64 vs caf

You will probably benefit from having timestamp data present in the files. This implies avoiding straight WAV in preference for Broadcast WAVE (BWF) or Broadcast RF64. Note that Ardour has a version of RF64 which will fall back to regular WAV(E) if the data is not too big. We do not have this for Broadcast RF64, alas.

You will need a 64 bit format if you want to record long continuous segments of audio. Standard 32 bit formats (like WAV(E)) will only record (e.g) about 4 hrs at some common sample rate.

CAF is good but not very portable to non-Apple or non-DAW platforms.

Ok , now with Ardour 5 I’m really confused , too many options.
I have the following 64bit options : RF64 , RF64 (WAV compatible) , Broadcast RF64 , Wave-64.
Broadcast RF64 will stay 64bit if data is small ? I want to stay 64 bit for adding more in the future (vst plugins).

RF64 (WAV compatible) will remain as a regular WAV until the data size exceeds the 32 bit limit of WAV, at which point, Ardour will change the headers to make it an RF64 file. This will allow you to retain compatibility with other applications that cannot read RF64 as long as your recordings are short to fit in a WAV file.

None of the other formats will do that - they will start out as files limited by a 32 bit or 64 bit file size, and stay that way no matter what. This is because of the way those file format specifications are written.


Also it appears you have a bit of confusion as you think the container type used to write the audio to disk has anything at all to do with plugins used in the session. These are completely unrelated topics. You don’t need to worry about this really unless you are doing multiple hour recordings in all honesty, or dealing with timecode in recordings (For instance audio for video), both of which I would wager most users don’t deal with (Though you will find some users like myself that deal with both of these issues, and even then I rarely have to think about it).


So for recording songs eg.10mins maximum , it doesnt matter at all if i use a 32 or 64 container ? (everything mic’d)
No matter the number of channels and plugins used ?
If so , i think i should go for broadcast wave.