What's The Pass for A/V Linux 1.0

Hi There…

just for the sake of curiosity,
what’s the password for the login / userid : pcuser.

It looks promising on the webpage,
but I’d really like to try it by myself.

Thank You,
toni S / Finland.

When you boot the DVD there is no password. If you choose to install it you set whatever password you want.


Thanks for your interest in A/V Linux, as peder said the LiveDVD runs as a Live user and requires no password, If you decide to install from the running LiveDVD double clicking the installer Icon will walk you through the installation steps and when you are prompted to create a username use “pcuser” (without quotes) then choose a password of your own so the system is secure for you personally. When the installer finishes and you are prompted to boot into your new system login to the new install with “pcuser” and the password you chose during the install.

Hope that helps -GLEN