What's the opposite of "insert time"?

I can insert time, but how do I remove time?

After adding time to the beginning of a session in order to facilitate a countdown for live recording, I want to remove the time I added when I’m done.

If it is just at the beginning of the session, the easy way is to simply move the START marker to the start of your actual session.


That’s what I did, and that’s good enough. But I was wondering (because I live on the border between conscientious and anal, heh heh heh) if it’s possible to perform the opposite of insert time.

If not, no biggie.

You can create a region of the count-in for each track, remove that and move the remainder of the tracks to the beginning.
But that won’t give you any benefits over moving the marker and will just be a lot off unnecessary, time-consuming work.

Well, for something like only four measures, I’d just move the start marker and call it quits.

But what if I need, for whatever reason, to slice off the first half of a session? Wouldn’t it be more elegant to be able to get rid of everything prior to a chosen point?

Well any time I have needed to do this, I have moved the start marker. It is just nice and easy.


Alright, then this is my feature suggestion: the ability to delete sections from a session and close the gap that deletion causes! :slight_smile:

Then you want the splice edit mode, which is in Ardour but doesn’t work:) I suspect you also want the automation to follow the regions when this happens, which I believe is in A3.