What's the easiest way to download all LV2, LADSPA, and etc

I know I can search for all the LV2s by searching flatpak search lv2 , and it lists everything.

How can I install ALL of these plugins at once? Is there some bulk command that I’m not thinking about, or do I have to install each one individually?

Your question can only be answered in the context of a particular package manager for a particular Linux distribution. There is no general way of doing this. Perhaps someone with experience on a Linux distribution that uses flatpak can help out.

You are severely limiting yourself with Flatpak, it is not a good format at all for professional Audio work and it needlessly complicates things. Obviously we will be getting many more inquiries like this in the future as the greater Linuxsphere adopts this complete wheel reinvention of traditional established and long-proven Package Management… :roll_eyes:

What I can’t comprehend is on Mac and Windows people think nothing of scrounging all over the Web and developers websites to assemble a set of Plugins and in Linux they expect they will all just get delivered in a few Packages… This will never happen, there are Repository packages of a good number of common choices (including now within Flatpak) but there will never be a complete listing because many developers and commercial vendors will never have their Plugins in any repository anywhere. So even Linux is not a complete cure from having to do some of your own hunter gathering…


Well, that is one of the reasons why I run GNU/Linux. Package managers FTW.

What I however do not comprehend is that one wants to install all plugins, rather than focus on a few specific ones for the task at hand.


That’s a mistake a lot of us have made.
You feel like a child in a candy shop and want to carry everything home. Even the ones you’ll probably won’t eat.
Sure there are opportunities you should grab with the “free for a limited time” plugins.
But other than that one should first feel the need for something and THEN look for the solution.

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