What's the best distro for Ardour?

I’m leaning Ubuntu, is that a good idea? What distro is going to give me the lowest latency?

Thanks in advance…


I think Agnula/Demudi is good!

at least jack is running by default and it’s made for


I’d go with Planet CCRMA… Installation is cake. I personally use gentoo but that one will take you a few days to get running… only because gentoo builds everything from source.


Could not agree more… Inexperienced users and users who don’t want to mess with their OS should always go for binary based distributions. Those who dare, use Gentoo…

I got Ardour compiling fine in Ubuntu, although I have some issues with Ardour 2…but I’m sure it’s some dependency or something simple I just don’t know about.

The deal is, if you’re going to be using the computer for things besides just Ardour, you’ll want a distro that’s very user friendly. Ubuntu is AWESOME in that regard. I switched from Slack, and never looked back.



If you’re crazy enough, use LFS… you’ll learn a lot about your system, and I’m still waiting to see a distro that’s better than what you can do yourself with a few source packages :slight_smile: