what's different in normal track versus tape track ?

hi, happy ardour’s users !

when you add a new track in ardour session menu, there’s a choice to do between normal track and tape track .

i made a test and rec the same on these two sorts of track : can’t find what is not the same, except the record ready red light that switch off in the tape track when you press the space bar at the end of recording.

can somebody help me to go to sleep less idiot than yesterday ? ;-))

thanks for reply

Hi stratojaune!!! Basically the tape track creates a destructive track.
So, you can overwrite the data that was stored previously on ther disk.

Check this posts:



I hope this helps.

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thank you MatiasMac, it helps a lot !

i take a look at your blog, but can’t read spanish and don’t have all plugins to hear your music… i let you know if i can fix that (the plugins i means, it could be faster than learn spanish !!!)

thank again for the help, bye.