What's about OMF support ?


I’m a new user of linux/ardour 2 beta 10 (from south of France). I’m quiete impressed by Ardour. I’m used to Nuendo 3 and PTools LE. My distro is Fedora core 6. The PC is a Asus A7Vc, centrino solo 1,86, 1Go ram.
I’ve a fex bugs in ardour 2, like the programm closing when I delete a insert on the output bus. Only once.
I’ve tested Ardour on 10 tracks with the CPU frequency force to half (798MHz) and 2 plugs on the master out. Jack 44100, buffer 256, 5 periods /buffer.
My suggestion would be to have a possibility to export OMF file exchange format (with soundfiles embeded and not embeded) to be ale to exchange files with other DAW (principaly PTools, the standard in studios).
I was expecting also a MIDI sequencer… But I’ve read it is in development.
I also noticed that when the screen is “full of tracks”, and you have no access to a free space where to right click to had a nex track, you can’t had new track that way, except if you reduce the height of the tracks in order to have a free space…
I’m also very interested into VST compatibility, is it possible to have it on a Fedora 6 system ???

Last thing : this soft is a great job !!!


xjadeo can sync to jack transport and it provdes a synched video window for you. Ardour is not going to do video editing at least in the forseeable future.

  1. you can add tracks from the “Session” menu item in the upper left corner of the screen.

  2. VST support exists but you are required to build it yourself due to Steinberg’s licensing terms.

  3. OMF is a 100% proprietary format, there are no documents available on it. We are investigating various attempts that have been made by open source developers to reverse engineer it, and simultaneously exploring AAF support. AAF is an actual standard, as opposed to a de facto standard, even though Digidesign’s implementation of AAF is non-conforming (surprise!). We are not sure at this time which of these paths will prove more productive.

  4. We like to get backtraces from all crashes. Please see http://ardour.org/debugging_ardour if you are interested in trying to get a trace for us.

I’ll try to help as much as I can… But I’m not computer ingeneer…
It would be great to have a way to exchange projects/sessions with other DAW. I’m working on Nuendo, and I often use OMF to go in studio mixing on protools…
Another thing : an video track and video window (AVI, move…) would be great, like Nuendo or PTools.
Any possibility ?

You’re doing agreat job !