What version of Ardour for UbuntuStudio 20.04 LTS?

Hello friends - I have been very pleased with Ardour 5.12 on UbuntuStudio 20.04 LTS, though I have had a growing feeling that I ought to upgrade to Ardour 6, or at least explore getting any appropriate updates, whatever that means. While I am pretty conscientious about applying software updates routinely provided by the system, this hasn’t advanced my Ardour version beyond 5.12. When I visited an UbuntuStudio chat room to ask about this, I was reminded that LTS releases emphasize stability over currency. They did however point me to a backports ppa if I really wanted to install Ardour 6.

If you run UbuntuStudio 20.04 LTS, what version of Ardour do you run?


Hey Gus,

I have 6.5 through the KXStudio repositories (I think, or through Debian Multimedia, forgot), and 6.9 from a direct download from here. I can recommend both, very happy with what I have. I think the normal Debian stable is on 6.5 as well by now, see the list in Debian -- Package Search Results -- ardour - for Ubuntu, see Ubuntu – Package Search Results -- ardour

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS here and always download the latest binary from here. Always works like it should, and it did the same on 18.04 LTS

20.04 here, always have gotten Ardour from ardour.org to be up-to-date. Honesly, if you are happy and comfortable with 5.12, or any piece of software, stick with it, unless there is some new feature you want/need. 5.12 had its issues. 6.9 has its issues. Note, as 20.04 is on its last legs, and moving up to 21.10 is a pain (since Studio majorly revamped the distribution), I personally am moving over to AVLinux. I set AVLinux up on a separate machine, and was easily able to get AlterEgo (a Windows VST) working, which blew my mind, so I’m very impressed. A bit of a learning curve and pain getting things the way I want, but any move is not seamless.


Ubuntustudio 20.04 has its own Backports PPA for Ardour 6:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntustudio-ppa/ardour-backports
sudo apt upgrade

and moving up to 21.10 is a pain (since Studio majorly revamped the distribution

So you are saying that my ardour freezes on my Ubuntu Studio 21.10 are a “bug” which seemed to be happening to a few more people? Guess I still have some hope that the next version works a lot more stable again.

I can’t say that I said that… my 21.10 issues were more dealing with the new Ubuntu environment rather than Ardour. I honestly didn’t get far enough along to put Ardour through its paces. So unfortunately I can’t confirm or deny your issues.

When you are using Ubuntu 20.04 are you using a real time kernel version or just the stock OS install?

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