what sound cards?

Actually I am trying to find sound cards for multitrack recording and I can’t find any. Not sound cards that record only 2 inputs like rme but something more professional like motu let’s say. I saw some notes that motu doesn’t support linux for example and I was wondering if there is someone that makes hardware only or for linux so that ardour could really make a recording of 24 tracks at the same time as pro tools and other programs.

So the question is how do I record a band with 24 inputs live on ardour ?

Please let me know

It appears that those who can afford it buy RME cards.

Cheapskates like me often pick up a ice1712-based card (http://alsa.opensrc.org/Ice1712). I have a ews88mt (vintage model but you may get similar ones on ebay). Only has 8 inputs, some devices support more than one card at a time. Main drawback is no hardware monitoring through jack.

There are other options but the bottom line is you want good ALSA support, then jack, and thus ardour, will work well.

Another option is using freebob which supports a number of firewire audio adapters.

There are lots of threads on tis forum about people’s good, mediocre and bad experiences with specific hardeware devices.

We have one studio with 2 M-Audio Delta 1010 interfaces running on Linux (16 channels I/O). I followed the guidance here with no problems;

He’s also got notes on doing the same system with 3 1010s if you need 24I/O.

The Deltas aren’t the greatest around but they are still good performers for the money and the support is good.

Charbilas, you said :
“Not sound cards that record only 2 inputs like rme but something more professional like motu let’s say”.
What do you mean ? That RME soundcards can only record 2 inputs and are not pro ? If you do mean that, you live on another planet :lol:
I own an Hammerfall DSP with the Multiface II IO box and I chose this piece of h/w because it can record many channels simultaneously, is rock solid, pro sounding and has many cool features (therefore the relatively high price). And the linux driver works very nicely. I don’t get your statement.

Thanks for the responses
What I mean is that since the computer I have is a PowerBook G4, I can’t have a PCMCIA or a PCI card to connect with RME Hammerfall, or an M-Audio Delta, or an ews88mt . That’s why I am trying to find a firewire card (not usb) but I can’t find any for linux.

ah OK :slight_smile:
you can talk to the people behind the ffado project : http://www.ffado.org
They will surely give you some good info.

sorry for the comment about RME,
I thought that Fireface 400 had drivers for linux but I think it hasn’t

I have Presonus FP10 firewire card (8in/8iout) and it works ok. ffado.org says “Reported to work”

In Win and Mac you are able to use 3 FP’s at the same time to get 24 channels. I don’t know if someone has tested it in linux.

Dear friends hello
Since our last conversation I made a research about ffado and I found out that they are (as you all know) trying to make industry firewire sound cards to give them their code .
From the cards that they are trying I found interesting the saffire 26/pro which for my needs and what I have as hardware would be great for linux .
I have 2 octopre which have adat outputs which would give me 24 mic and line inputs along with the 8 inputs of the 26 saffire for recording
The thing is that I’m not sure that 1 firewire card could give me 24 inputs recording at the same time, they say that the card has it’s own DSP so maybe that’s true
Also from ffado I’ve seen that they are working with this card but when I went to focusrite they don’t have a driver for linux at this time for this card.
For the octopre I could only say that as preamps they are very nice (I use them with the Soundscape Red 24 (www.sydec.be) DAW and they are working fine)
The thing is that Soundscape Red 24 works only for Windows, and Protools works for Windows and Macosx (I also am trying these days the M-Powered Protools for Macosx which I bought)
How could this also happen to linux programs as Ardour for example?

How is the power ?

We’ve got it?


P.S. Ardour and Pro-tools
When I first opened Pro-tools I saw Ardour or maybe it’s the opposite