What’s the mix way to reference mixes with audio files in ardour

Say I’m mixing a song in ardour and I have a few examples of masters that I want to aim for in regards to my mixes, is it good to just add the track and and open a audio spectrum analyzer plugin and compare it with my current mix.

One plugin I have is the easyssp plugin


I’m no expert on this but as a general rule for anything concerning sounds and mixes is that your ears are the best measuring device there is and no technology can surpass it. After all music is consumed with ears :slight_smile:

Ya that’s true as well. I do feel intimidated at times when mixing because I always heard it’s good to reference when mixing

Spectrum analysers are just analytical tools - best suited for identifying problems. They will give you an impartial view of the frequency distribution within your mix, but that may have no bearing on the perceived quality of the end result. Would you paint a picture using just a colour histogram of a famous work as a reference?

I teach my students to reference mixes for instrument sounds and overall mix as they are just starting out. I also teach them to use their ears to do so, not a spectrum analyzer, I haven’t seen much use beyond a few specific cases to analyze references like that.

The being said I have them load their references and cut them up as appropriate on a new track yes, and use isolated solo to make it easy to solo the original track and reference side by side.


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