what now

I have just spent almost five hour watching the compiling of ardour. Where did it get me? To a screen that says ,“scons: done building targets.”

Thats it. I type in ardour, and I get the following:
“bash: ardour: command not found”

So, apparently, ardour is stuck in limbo between finished and not finished. I am running Slackware 11 on a PII 450, 256 megs ram, 18 gigs SCSI hard disk space (barely even 1/4 full). I downloaded and installed (via compiling) every dependency listed. So, what’s the next step? If you need the entire list of what happened, I can get it from my console.


Did you do
scons install
after building Ardour?

Ardour 2.0 is launched using “ardour2” rather than “ardour”

Just to emphasise what Philcora said, make sure you run scons install after you’ve finished building.

Have fun.