What mini MIDI controller to buy?

Hello fellow Ardour users, new user here! I am looking to buy a mini MIDI controller. I have narrowed down my search to the following:

  • M-Audio Oxygen Pro Mini
  • Novation Launchkey Mini [MK3]
  • Arturia miniLab MkII

I am probably going to chose the M-Audio one, since it seems to have the most controls (e.g. wheels for pitch & modulation, knobs, faders, transport controls). Does anyone have experience with those controllers in Ardour? I am wondering how well do they integrate with Ardour (I know for example that the Novation is very Ableton oriented)?


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I can report success using older 25-key Oxygen and 49-key Axiom controllers with Ardour on Linux. Ardour7 ships with midi_maps presets for all three models you mention (or close enough that tweaking one in a text editor to fit your model should be really easy).

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I also used to own an M-Audio Oxygen 49 and everything worked fine in Ardour, faders, knobs, pads, buttons.
So as mentioned before, shouldn’t be hard to get the Pro mini to work.

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