What latency with Audigy card

Well the title pretty much sums up my question…

I don’t have the funds to spend on a good soundcard, not right now anyway and I’ve been using a Creative Audigy for years. I was just wondering what kinds of latency I should be expecting with this hardware. I’m getting just over 42ms (which seems blisteringly high) in realtime.

Should I be expecting better latency? I’m running the 2.6.17 kernel with low latency settings and the realtime-lsm module installed.

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Actually, in ardour, I think my latency is 23msecs, but qjackctl shows 47…


With my Audigy, Ardour says latency is 5,3 msecs. I don’t know if that’s correct since it says everytime that exact amount, but I haven’t noticed a single problem when recording. And that’s most important for me…

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Which model are you using? I’m asking about the Creative Audigy Platinum (the very first one). Is this the card you have? Are you running the realtime-lsm or did you achieve realtime another way?

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It’s Audigy 2 ZS, cheap bulk version. I installed the multimedia kernel for Mandriva.

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hi there,

since you are on gentoo. have a look at this guide here:

Audio and HD Recording with Gentoo:

as far as I konw, latency it is not much about audigy “foo” or “bar”.


The amount of latency qjackctl reports you is a calculated round-trip time it takes for a signal to go in the soundcards ADC and to come out of the DAC. It’s calculated as so: “1 / [sampling rate] * [frames per period] * [periods per buffer]” seconds.

Periods per buffer means how many buffers of the signal the soundcard will buffer. The buffers have “frames per periods” samples in them.

The smaller the buffers the lower the latency, but the more processing power is needed to achieve You also need to run jackd with realtime priorities for good and reliable performance.

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