What is the most idiot-proof guide for using Jack?


I’m running Ardour on both windows 10 and Linux, and I would love to be able to use jack with Ardour as I understand it will enable recordings of PC audio output and also would make Ardour not own all of my sound-card if I were to make a screen-cast for a video-demo of something like podcast-editing.

But I have a hard time finding an easy to understand-guide to using Jack.
Any recommendations for a “step-by-step” guide are welcomed with thanks!

See the AVLinux manual, that will help with setup.
But I am not sure Ardour will share even if you are using jack.

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I’ll look there :slight_smile:

Oh. I had understood recording/playback multiple sources as one of the things it could do.

Do you by chance happen know how to go about recording an “Ardour as a podcast-DAW”-video with something like OBS recording the screen?

As long as the other software supports Jack, yes.

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As I started just using alsa as it works with both reaper and Ardour,
without the bridges. So it will hookup a lot of things. I am not sure about
Ardour blocking anything.
Read that manual and or download the live usb iso and see if it works for
you…no changes to your system.

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