What is the 'correct' way to create send effects

I’m trying to set up a send effect to add Reverb to certain tracks in my session. I have 3 normal mono tracks. I then create a new stereo Bus and add TAP Reverberator as a pre-fader plugin to that Bus. Then on 2 of my normal tracks I add a post-fader send to route audio to my new Bus (using both inputs on the bus). This works - I can now hear my Reverb, but suddenly Ardour becomes very unstable:

If I Solo one of the tracks which has a send I suddenly get no audio. Removing the Solo allows me to hear the other two tracks, but the one I just soloed has gone; the track is still there, its associated mixer strip is still there but now the mixer strip has no selected input, and worse the track it used to have assigned to it is no longer selectable as an input. Worse still if I save the project and reload it, all my mixer strips have no assigned inputs, all sends and plugins have been lost, and no inputs are selectable except my hardware inputs. There are no ports in Jack for any of my mixer strips either.

It does look like a bug to me, but perhaps I am doing something wrong?

This is most definitely a bug. You need to report which version of Ardour you are running, on which OS.

I think the preferred way is to join IRC channel #ardour on freenode and tell the guys there.


Thanks. I think this may actually be a different problem which might be related to plugins and not busses - my system doesn’t seem to like some of the plugins I’ve installed from rpms. I’ve got another post in the Linux forum related to that. I’m now not sure the problem is as straightforward as I thought, so I’ll investigate much further before reporting anything else.