What is SSL's current relationship with Ardour?

I realise that SSL is no longer a sponsor, but do they any other involvement whatsoever with the Ardour project? I ask because there’s a possibility of working for them for a year and it’d be rather more tempting to me if there was some work relating to Ardour.

(I appreciate this isn’t a particularly relevant subforum for this post, but I couldn’t see one better.)



There is absolutely no formal relationship at all. I remain on friendly terms with SSL - they were extraordinarily generous after all, funding me at a reasonable competitive level for a year with no real benefit to them to be seen - and they have mentioned some areas of potential future collaboration. I can’t say that I am optimistic that these are likely to happen, but I try to remain open-minded. They have not ruled out future financial support either.

In my relatively brief time with SSL, they struck me as a fine company and definitely worth working for. I don’t believe you would be doing anything with Ardour, other than comparing notes with a few other people there who use it privately.

Thanks, that’s worth knowing and it’s definitely under consideration.