What is "Lock Style" [Music/Audio/ in tempo map?

I’m trying to figure out exactly how the tempo map in Ardour works, and I’ve stumbled upon this option:


What does it do? I was unable to see any difference in behaviour after changing this. By default it’s set to “Music” - but “Audio” doesn’t seem to do anything different for me.

I’ve tried finding some information about this, but it led me to a conclusion. that this is an unfinished feature to automatically stretch audio regions with temp map changes. Is that correct?

It is related to the idea you mentioned at the end, but is somewhat independent of that.

When you place things (anything) on the timeline of a DAW, you could have the intent to:

  1. make sure it always at beat N
  2. make sure it always at sample S

If you put it somewhere and then change the tempo map, the position of beat N may change (when measured in samples). If it is locked to audio, then it will remain at sample S regardless of how you modify the tempo map. If it is locked to music time, it will always remain at beat N.

Anyway, all of that stuff is being revised in the code that will lead up to 7.0, because although what’s there right now is clever and somewhat cool, it doesn’t really work very well in the cases we believe are most important.

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