What is "auditioner"?

Hi, i’m sorry about the, probably fool, question, but i’ve tried any way to understand what is and how to use it. Is it a kind of montor? How can i use it? (And also, how can i prevent ardour to auto-connect it to the output in jack?)


The auditioner is the port that Ardour uses to feed audio data when previewing sources. So if you preview/audition a region in either the region list or in the editor, or in the sound file importer when you play a file without importing, etc.


Thank you very much for this explanation! I’ll try to use it! Now i’ve just to learn what is the “region list” and how to edit the regions!

So if i have to use a audio “monitor” i can just connect the output to a bus (with JACK or also with Ardour) and the output of the bus to the output channels in JACK, is it right?