What has my mobile phone contract to do with Ardour?

Dear all,

pls forgive me that this is a bit off topic.
I am using Ardour since years, not heavy but regulary and i like it very, very much. On february I finally will get rid of my old mobile phone contract which became obsolete since I have a mobile phone from my company. I forgot to cancel that contract serveral time so I began to think about that when i didn´t miss the money which i wasted for that contract it would be a very good opportunity to become a subscriber to Ardour where i can spend the money which I payed for the mobile phone before. And yes, I did it! Why I am writing this here? Well, Ardour is a great think and it would make me proud if I could animate someone else who is using Ardour but did not subscribe yet to do the same. At the end I would like to say: Thank you guys, the value of Ardour for me personally is much higher than the subcription costs. If I had the time, I would like to participate at the development but with 2 kids and a 50 hours job its nearly impossible so I choose this way.

forgive my bad english please …
Kind regards