What happens after a request post closes after 3 months

With other applications, when you put in a feature request on their designated site, these feature request posts never get added to the application :slight_smile: but they do remain open.
I was wondering how Ardour handles this, request posts close after 3 months, do they ever get looked at by developers again after in the future, or do they just fade away?

Also, do request posts need to get a lot of buzz from the Ardour community to be added?
If request posts get no responses, are they considered to be not as valuable / worth adding to the program?

Thank You

tracker.ardour.org has no expiration date.

We do not use the tracker to define what we’re working on, most of the time. Crash bugs sometimes will get immediate attention, at least if they are reproduceable.

General feature requests tend to get little attention, because we have our hands full of existing, substantive priorities.

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