What exactly is a snapshot

Hope this is in the right place.
I’m looking for an exact definition of a snapshot. What is saved in a snapshot? What isn’t? Are there files common to all snapshots of a session?

once upon a time I grew used to the snapshot simply creating a new session inside the old one - the “master” session, which was poorly distinguished from the snapshot session simply became the ‘old’ session and I’d have to continue using the snapshot.

but this seems to have changed… that said, I dont think the “master” session is particularly well distinguished from the snapshots.

the manual doesn’t explain the following:

when you load a snapshot, make some changes, and hit save - does the snapshot change or the master session? the manual would have us believe a snapshot exists purely for reference (so why allow changes?)

i think snapshots are still a major mystery, and the existing documentation is hardly a guide to figuring them out.

and just to quote the manual in your link:

“A snapshot is nothing more than a new session file”

and in the next paragraph:

“Note that a snapshot is not a new session.”

so perhaps before telling someone to RTFM, the manual might need to be worth reading.

niko12345: I think the manual is worth reading. regarding your quotes, a session is not the same as a session file. Obvious, isn’t it?

If someone goes to the length to look for a relevant link, you should rather thank him, not complain. This is far from a case of RTFM.

bennyp: have a look into a session folder with several snapshots to see which files are only present in one version (I don’t know without looking myself). A snapshot contains all routing and arrangement information. Just like the session file. The most important thing not saved in snapshot / session files is the audio content (regions are just pointers to locations in audio files. You could say a region is a window on an audio file). For all I know.

Read the manual!

Here you go:



Hi, I’m early on in the process of learning to work with Ardour software. I’ve RTFM and while it may be accurate, it is obviously incomplete.

What surprised me, unpleasantly, is that if I open a “snapshot”, do some work, and then use the “Save” command, the snapshot is updated and the main session file is not updated. This is in ardour 2.0.5 (built from revision 2234). The word Snapshot to me implies a record of a moment in time that can be kept or discarded but can’t be updated. I think trying to save a new version of a snapshot should offer to either create a new snapshot or update the main session file, but not update an existing snapshot session file.

What I’d like to do now is open a “snapshot” session file and save it as the new state of the main session file. How can I do this safely?