What does the fader on a MIDI track do exactly?

Sorry for what is possibly a dumb question, but I don’t understand what the fader on a MIDI track does. The manual says “Fader (volume) control currently operates on transmitted MIDI data, not by sending CC #7”… but in what way does it operate on transmitted MIDI data? And transmitted in which direction? I haven’t noticed it doing anything at all, but I must just not understand what to look for?

It adjusts the velocity values included in note on and note off messages that reach the fader.

Seems like an odd choice. I think CC7 would be better or even better would be output volume, same as audio tracks and busses. I think the mixer is for mixing, not controlling MIDI data.

The fader operates on the type of data it receives, so if the fader is after a MIDI synth, it will be an audio fader operating in that domain.

It only acts on MIDI data if the track has no MIDI->audio (i.e. synth) processor before the fader.


Aha I get it now, that seems fine to me then :slight_smile:

Ah… ok. I guess the instruments I tried didn’t change much with velocity.

It does seem a little bit strange to me, because many instruments use velocity to change the sharpness of a sound rather than the volume. But I get why using a fader for a CC without automation would be a bit weird too… while velocity is built into every note event.