what does smoothing mean in Generic MIDI controller?

I noticed that increasing the smoothing value of the generic controller seemed to improve responsiveness and reduce jumpiness when moving faders (randomly sticking etc)…
reducing seemed to result in no reaction to MIDI controller moves at all…

However, I’d like to know what I’m actually doing here… .

Can someone explain smoothing in this context?



When you move a fader on a control surface from the bottom to the top, in theory there could be as many as N different messages sent (N might typically be 127 or 16384 or 1023). How many get sent will typically depend on the speed with which you move the fader - move it very fast and there will typically be less messages, move it very slowly and you will get closer to the maximum possible number.

The smoothing control affects the way that Ardour interpolates between successive messages, which then affects how it responds when the fader values being sent do not match the current value of the parameter being controlled.

Some devices will still send many messages even when moving very fast, some do not. Hence the need for this control.

makes sense… thanks… So now to find the “Sweet spot”