What does Harrison plan to do next with Ardour?

Is Mixbus slipping away from Ardour development and Linux. I just received an interesting user survey from Harrison support.

The next Mixbus release will include a ton of Ardour-driven improvements. Why would we change? :slight_smile:

Despite some misconceptions online (cough facebook cough), we have made no changes to linux support for our plugins or Mixbus. Our new and updated plugins are being released for linux, and continue to use the same licensing on linux as we used in the past.

-Ben at Harrison


although linux is not being abandoned, some changes:

  • ilok introduction for win/mac plugins (AVA flow series, not sure about 32c plugin series)
  • subscription models hinted in forum replies (most likely for SSL + ava bundles)
  • ava bass plugin migrated from harrison online store to ssl store (Bass Flow)

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