What do you think about this song?

Hey, guys!

I’ve been recording some stuff with Ardour. Now, I’m in a competition with a song and I want you to give me some feedback about it!

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Every opinion is very welcome!


I like it a lot. Its a great love song, I can imagine that it will benefit a lot when you add vocals. maybe a female voice.

Great harmonics, what kind of instrument is about 1:20 ?

Really, nice song, carry on, dude !


Prof Knaakenbroed

Hey, brother!

Thank you very much for your nice sugestions!

In fact, there is a version with vocals that I am currently working on… but it’s not complete, so I removed all of it to post in that festival. The instrument that you want to know about is an harmonica (Master Blues), made by Hering. There is a link of a review in a harmonica’s magazine:


Again, thank you very much for taking your time to listen my song!

Best regards,