What do I install from the Ubuntu Package Manager?

I can’t seem to find either Ardour or Jack in the Ubuntu Package Manager list, and a CLI attempt shows both as nonexistant. What do I use to install from Ubuntu?

Ubuntu studio has been suggested many times.

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Good luck with your installation.

What I am looking for is what I have to install to get Ardour. It is not an option in the Ubuntu list of packages, for some reason, even though others here seem to have no problem.

The Ubuntu Studio website has specific instructions on how to go about getting these things installed on Breezy or Dapper. They also have a forum. It’s probably the best place to get the info you seek.

Have you enabled the extra repositories? If you use synaptic to install programs you can enable the repositories in the Settings/Repositories menu. I think Ardour is in Universe.

If not, see:

You don’t need to do apt-get dist-upgrade right away, though.

There is no package with the name “ardour” at least in Ubuntu/Dapper. You have to use one of:

  • sudo apt-get install ardour-gtk
  • sudo apt-get install ardour-gtk-dbg
  • sudo apt-get install ardour-gtk-i686