What do I do if the processor box doesn't show up?

I’ve successfully installed the calf plugins, but the processor box doesn’t show up on the left side of the mixer. How do I re-enable it?


It isn’t on the left side of the mixer. the processor box is in every individual mixer strip.

You must be talking about something else.

I would use the processor box to apply plugins, correct?

Here’s what my screen looks like, with a really simple track and a couple of cymbals:

I guess the root of what I’m trying to figure out is, what do I do to apply a plugin or processor (in this case, the Calf fluidsynth plugin) to any given track?


Press SHIFT+E to bring up the Editor Mixer on the Left Hand Side, I believe that was what you were referring to.

Alternatively CTRL+M IIRC is the shortcut to bring up the mixer window.

Plugins can be inserted in the black area above the fader in a mixer strip. Obviously make sure you are on the correct track when you do so.


I believe the “processor box” you’re referring to is the mixer strip. Seablade got it.

The toggle editor/mixer shortcut is ALT+M for me

seablade, you were right! That’s what I needed.

Thanks everybody!