What did I break?

First time Ardour user. Was working on a project as a learning experience. Had 7 audio tracks and all was going great.

Three of the tracks were vocal tracks one for each verse of a song. My intent was to add a “Vocals” buss so I could add reverb to all three channels at one. I added a bus, set it’s inputs to the three tracks, but it didn’t seem to work. I deleted the buss and moved on.

Not 100% sure this caused my problem, but…

Upon restarting Ardour, suddenly none of the tracks will play, just silence. Also tried a new session with similar results. Metronome will play but cannot record or play tracks.

Any advice on a systematic approach to troubleshoot this? Been trying a lot of things with no sucess.

Thanks for helping a NOOB.


Update: I am able to get new sessions to work by setting inputs and output on the master channel. Another observation is the “Feedback” indication is flashing on the project that won’t play.

Update 2: Identified the source of my feedback and upon clearing all is well. Sorry to take your time…

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