What about "Freeze" function

In mixing produce, I would like to render synthesizer plugin track to audio track. It will reduce DSP usage. Also, some plug-ins will perform randomly, so if there are freeze function in Ardour. Some operations will be convenient.

As far as I know the only way to do this is to create a new track and record your synth track into it. After recording disable the synth track by right-clicking on the synth track header (leftmost portion of track) and un-checking the “active” box.

Yo that sucks…

for Audio-tracks: right-click somewhere on the time-line on the track -> Freeze. That will apply all affects until the first send (if any).

This renders the track to a new region, the original is not modified so one can unfreeze again later and all effects that are applied are disabled.

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Yo that’s cool. Nice that you can use it to bounce a track too (copy + paste to new track)…

It’d be great if it worked for MIDI tracks too.

“Freeze” for MIDI tracks would be an entirely different process entirely. It would convert the MIDI track into an audio track. That’s not really a concept we support right now.