Weird problems with Ardour 3 on Ubuntu 11.04

I have been happily using Ardour 3 on Ubuntu Maverick, but recently started using Natty Narwhal. My Maverick installation was 64-bit, but I wanted to give VST support on Ardour a go, so went back to 32-bit. Using SVN, I can compile and install the code, but when I go to start Ardour it gives this error:

WARNING: Could not check your glib-2.0 for mutex locking atomic operations.

exec: 39: /usr/lib/ardour3/ardour-3.0: not found

this is what is in /usr/lib/ardour3:

shayne@shayne-Inspiron-1420:~$ ls /usr/lib/ardour3/ surfaces vamp

I’m assuming this has something to do with enabling VST support? Or not … I don’t really know and can’t find any info on what may have went wrong :frowning:

Can anyone help me out with this?

For anything Ardour3 testing related, please ask/comment in IRC or on Mantis, not here. Thanks. Ardour3 has not even entered alpha testing and is expected to break repeatedly at this stage so those are the best places to keep up to date.