Weird note order in MIDI mapping plugins?

Hi all!

The MIDI mapping plugins have a fairly strange note order; this happens both with the Ardour-included MIDI mappers and with the AVLdrums’ mapper:

This makes it pretty awkward to use. Anyone know what’s going on?

Oh dear, numbers with a leading zero are parsed as octal (not decimal). So 010 (base 8) = 8 (base 10), while of bounds 008, 009 etc are zero.

… 015, 016, 017, 020, 021 …

Thanks for the heads up – The issue was fixed just now in Ardour 6.2.150.

PS. Ideally this would have been filed as bug-report on – the forum does not lend itself to triage and keep track of bugs.


Awesome, thanks! I didn’t go straight to reporting a bug because I wasn’t sure if this was a bug with Ardour or with the specific plugins. I added a comment directly on d368578.