Weird layering behaviour

I’m using Ardour 3.5.403 at Ubuntu 14.10. There is a strange layering behaviour going on when cutting, moving my regions to find the best takes.

  1. Drag and prop layering does not work properly. Sometimes there seems to be a vertical offset.
  2. Layering using menu or key commands (raise / lower) doesn’t work properly. Raise / Lower to Top / Bottom is working fine.
  3. Sometimes the layering order is not stored when copy paste a set of regions or dragging a stack of regions by mouse.

Please watch my screen recording for a better understanding:

We are about to release Ardour 4.0 in which all of this has been reimplemented. I suggest you test the current pre-release version from to see if this issue still exists.

Hey Paul, thanks for your reply. I finally managed to recheck this layering behaviour using Ardour 4.0.111+r12337. After loading one of my Ardour 3 projects I experienced the very same behaviour:
However I was not able to provoke it on a fresh Ardour 4 test-project. So hopefully this bug won’t appear at future projects. Still, the layering disorder seems to be stored within my Ardour 3 project files and gets adopted when continuing work with Ardour 4.