Weird interference noise on LInux, and annoying delay on windows

Hi everyone,

I am fairly new to the Ardour community, and I got a weird problem with it. I don’t know if it’s because I somehow installed it wrong on linux.

But I rock a dualboot setup (Windows and Linux), on my laptop and with the exact same stuff plugged in, I get interference noises when I monitor that is catched by my microphone apparently, since I can hear it when listening to the tracks, on Linux; however I don’t seem to get noticeable delays which makes the monitoring fun with earphones (when you ignore the loud and frustrating hum).

PS: That’s when I actually succeed in getting input, cause sometimes it just won’t work.

And on windows, I have no interference noise whatsoever, however the delay in monitoring is so big that I can’t, sing/record while monitoring the sound, because it just throws me off my rythm. And that, happens whether I give the biggest or smallest buffer size possible.

Which interface do you use? Have you got ASIO drivers installed in Windows?

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