Weird audio garbling on OS X

I’m getting weird garbling in my audio after a time in OS X. It doesn’t happen using REAPER or Audacity so it would seem to be an Ardour or JACK issue. The garbled audio is still based somewhat on the original signal, silence is still silence, loud is still loud, quiet is still quiet, but otherwise it’s all mucked up and completely unintelligible. This wont happen when I first launch Ardour but will start happening after about 3 minutes of recording usually. I’m recording using an M-Audio Ozonic in OS X 10.8 if that helps at all. I’ll try and post some audio samples when I get home later this week, just posting this to check if it’s a known problem with a simple solution.

That makes total sense, and now that I think of it IIRC I have Ardour set to 48k and Reaper/Audacity set to 44.1k. My interface defaults to 44.1k. I’ll try all 3 programs again at different sample rates and see whats up, and see if my driver will let me force a sample rate.


There is a HOG mode in JackPilot on OS X you can activate it which will prevent other programs from being able to change the sample rate, but can also be a bit overhanded when it comes to this as well.


@nixcamic Will be interested to hear audio samples, but it sounds like something may be changing the sample rate of your interface after you have started Jack. Not certain though.


It is probably caused by wierdness with the driver for the device on 10.8 that JackOSX has not yet taken care of. This assumes, of course, that you are actually using the latest version of JackOSX.