Website Upgrade/Update

The website has been upgraded and slightly redesigned. Its now using Drupal 6, which provides many useful features, better security and more. The theme has been switched to a cleaner, "whiter" feeling (based on the Zen Classic theme for Drupal), although more tweaking is in the pipeline to get things just right. Visiting the site without authentication takes you to a somewhat slicker front page, as you might already have noticed. Financial information (over there on the upper right hand side) is now live (more or less) - new subscribers, donations and on will show up here automatically, subject to a potential 5 minute delay. There is a new "institutional" subscription, and for maximal flexibility you can create subscriptions now for any monthly amount you wish. You can now see the most heavily sponsored issues from the issue/bug tracker (and so can developers) so feel free to sponsor issues that matter to you - its all based on the honor system, so no payment is needed up front. More features will be coming soon.

My thanks to Taybin Rutkin for getting the groundwork for this substantial upgrade in place as well as paving the way for easier website maintaince in the future, to Thomas Vecchione for help with CSS and Thorsten Wilms for a new version of the site logo.

Actually, its not a rollover issue. The financial info is live, so there has to be a mechanism to deal with occasions when I need to move money out of paypal. I put the code in the wrong place :wink: Oh well. Not out of the woods yet, but with some more creative marketing/cajoling, maybe this could actually work.

I noticed a bug on the financial tracker - doesn’t like rollover!

Congrats on making the goal this month Paul. Extra welcome to help with last month’s drought of course!


Creative Marketing… that sounds like trouble:)


looks great!

I created a forum thread about this (probably the wrong call, but…).

This is what I posted:


Not sure if this is the right place to congratulate the development team for the new website look and feel!!!

I absolutely love it and as a proud Ardour user and finance contributor, I must say this website does justice to the awesome DAW it represents.

I hope any member from the dev team will see this and pass on the message to all the remaining ones.

You guys are doing an awesome job, and I greatly appreciate it!!!"

New website is a great improvement to Ardour’s image. Now at least the website matches the DAW…

Nice work.

Lookin good!

Also nice to see the donation ware concept actually working out. This is fabulous - now Paul can focus his energy into 3.0 and not worry so much about his next spate of bills.

Demo link not needed, as Ardour is a fully functional demo all by itself…

on the “anonymous” home page, see the screenshots link. only a couple there right now.