Website issues


I’m at, and FireFox 3.6.3 doesn’t show a scroll bar, so I can’t see the whole page.

Also, the password rules are so Nazi that I can’t use any password that I can remember among the myriad of other sites’ password rules. letters, symbols and number should be enough. Requiring uppercase as well is just too much.

The package looks nice, but it’s just being too much of a hassle to get signed up and downloaded. I can only barely see the submit button.

ETA: Ah, I could only see the preview button. Now that I have to hit submit, it’s off the bottom. Had to change monitor resolution to find the save button.

what about going for a walk and try again to use the webbrowser? scrolls just fine with FF3.6.3 from here.
The site operator chooses a password policy that is just strict enough to avoid accounts being hacked and nasty annoying spam./scam stuff being posted under your name. These things happen and detract developer’s time from making their/our application even better.

Install from your distribution’s repository if it’s “too much of a hassle to get signed up and downloaded”. (though you’ve managed to sign up already!)
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